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The three potential benefits of swinging a club fitted with a sub-100-gram Nippon Shaft are increased club head speed, better club control, and less stress on your body over the course of 18 holes. Even a difference of 25 grams per club combined with the dampening effect of the steel itself translates to much less stress on the body Nippon categorizes its shafts based on driver swing speed and 6-iron distance. For example, the ultra-light, high launching, and high spinning Zelos line - weighing in at 60-, 70- or 80-grams - is aimed at golfers with a driver swing speed in the 60- to 80-MPH and who hit their 6-iron anywhere from 100 to 135 yards We have used this shaft and its lighter (N.S. Pro 850 GH) and heavier (N.S. Pro 1050 GH) companion shafts quite a bit over the years. These shafts have been designed for golfers with medium swing speeds and smooth shaft load. These shafts have helped most players get the ball in the air Shaft fitting guide and swing speed conversion chart. To ascertain exactly what shafts are best suited to your swing it would be ideal to have your swing measured by a professional club fitter at a swing monitoring facility or pro shop. There are also nu Our expert fitters review the best 3 Nippon Shafts that we fit with and also pair them with the best 3 matching heads. We show you the different performances..

Nippon Shafts are becoming more popular at all levels and with a full lineup of products, it can be a bit confusing selecting which one might be right for yo.. Agree with comment above, that being said, I am playing the Modus 105 in a regular and my swing speed is around 87 with a 7 iron

When Nippon Shaft's N.S. PRO 950GH came to market in 1999, it was the first consistently-made sub-100 gram steel shaft in the world. In addition, all Nippon Shaft products are constant weighted, meaning that every iron in a player's bag be it a 3-iron or a pitching wedge weighs the same. Professionals demand constant weighting for the sake of consistency. Amateurs and higher. Swing Speed 95-105, Distance 211 - 250 yards Fitting Tips: Typical shaft weights in 65 grams but some players with fast transitions may like a heavier shaft. If you think you are losing distance try a lighter, 55 gram shaft but make sure it plays stiff enough nippon shaft opens its first indoor testing center outside of chicago. nippon shaft - september 22, 2020.

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We created the Test Center so that golfers would have the opportunity to hit and compare the complete Nippon Shaft line from the low-swing-speed ZELOS models to the high-swing-speed MODUS³ models, said Mark Pekarek, manager of Shaftology and Nippon Shaft representative since 2001. Even the best club fitting shops are not able to showcase Nippon Shaft's full inventory of products. The Modus 105 shafts will play a little soft to flex so 6 iron speeds of 70 to 80 mph will work for that range of flexes. André Bender • 2 years ago I'm currently playing 950GH R-flex and have 87 mph. The shaft feels great but is too soft and maybe a fraction too light as my backswing has the tendency to be too fast

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There are players on the PGA Tour using lighter driver shafts with swing speeds upwards of 115-120 mph. This is another area of getting fit for the right driver that will require a little bit of testing to see what feels most comfortable to the player, and the kinds of results it yields. There Are No Standard See related links to what you are looking for I am 71 so I ordered the club softstepped to help as I lose swing speed- the installed 950Gh shaft is 95 grams i.e. same as the AMT-Red R300. I do find some fitters push the graphite shafts as we get older, but, I have tested several against steel shafts and steel always wins. its unfortunate that there are no standards when it comes to shaft stiffness, but, a good fitter I guess makes it a. Nippon 105T Shafts Follow Thread. April 17, 2011 at 02:10 AM By Brian C. 0 Likes; 5 Replies; Brian C novi, MI. April 17, 2011 at 02:10 AM . I cannot find the swing speed recommendations for these shafts anywhere. Can someone help? I just recently spent several hours testing all different clubs and decided to get with the AP1. I typically am a regular shaft, but the demo clubs at the shop only. If you are not sure which load matches your swing, please click here. Weight. Select your desired shaft Weight. If you are not sure which shaft weight to choose, please click here. Launch. Select the Launch you would like to see from your shaft. If you are not sure which ball launch to choose, please click here. Angle of Descent. Select the Angle of Descent that best describes your tee shot.

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Shop Nippon shafts, and select from NS Pro, Modus3, and Zelos 6/7/8 models. Need help finding the perfect shaft? Contact us to expert help & tips! Skip to content ★ GET 5% OFF ALL STAR GRIPS (NEW COLORS!) - CHECKOUT WITH CODE: STARSALE ★ Search. Cart (0) Check Out Search. Shopper Approved . Over 30K reviews from real customers. My Cart (0) Golf Grips, Shafts & more - Shop the world best. Every Nippon shaft that I've ever used has felt great, but the Nippon Modus 3 Tour 105 is the smoothest of the smooth. Even when I tried this shaft in an X-flex, getting it to load and kick was effortless. The trade off for that kind of feel is usually consistency, but no such sacrifice is required here. The Tour 105 did the same thing swing after swing whether I tried to stand on it or just. Just came back from the shop, yes, I confirmed that older Nippon shafts did not carry the generic flex marker like other companies (2009). I saw the same (newer) Nippon 950GH, dated 2011, and it had the R designation for REGULAR underneath the screened shaft label. The true designation was on the butt end of the where it is printed R or S Nippon 950 What did I have fitted into my clubs..... True Tempur Dynamic Gold R300. While the shafts recommendations took into account key factors like tempo, release factor, swing speed etc, the selections were no good for my swing. I know from previous experience, and hitting the shafts during my fitting, that light weight shafts do not suit me. They have always given me a high ball flight.

With a swing speed of 90 miles per hour, golfers will typically fall in the moderate category of swing speeds. These players swing fast enough to generate torque and spin on approach shots but do not swing hard enough for extra stiff offerings. Golfers that have moderate swing speeds in the range of 90 miles per hour will find a variety of shaft offerings currently on the market. Steel or. The Nippon 123 system is three shafts brought to market as a fitting system. There are three profiles, each with an array of stiffness and weight. This is a fitting system that will soon be accompanied by documentation to guide the fitter using it. Mark Pekarek has been fitting over 35 years. Much of that time his company, Shaftology has been the distributor for Nippon shafts in the US. When I. Steel shafts are heavier and for players with a faster swing speed, this added weight can help to improve accuracy and control without detracting from shot distance. Steel shafts also produce more feedback or vibration in the hands and arms when the ball is struck, which can help experienced players to feel the shots and make corrections to their swing. Graphite Shaft Advantages. Graphite. Current MGS Tester for the Fujikura Motore X Shaft. Fujikura and Nippon fan. Connoisseur of grips. Updated 7/14/2020 Driver: SIM Max 10.5 - Fujikura Ventus Red 5S Velocore (the real one) Hybrids: SIM Max 3H, 4H - Matrix Ozik 85S Irons: Mavrik Max 5 - AW - Nippon Neo 950GH S Wedges: CBX 2 54, CBX Full Face 58 - Nippon Modus 105 Wedge flex Putter: Squareback 1 - Sense Grips S1 - Stability Shaft. We created the Test Center so that golfers would have the opportunity to hit and compare the complete Nippon Shaft line from the low-swing-speed ZELOS models to the high-swing-speed MODUS³ models, said Mark Pekarek, long-time Nippon Shaft representative. Test sessions in Chicago, Illinois are available now by appointment only, and there is no fee for the test sessions. Appointments and more.

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  1. This translates into a driver swing speed of roughly 93 MPH or less. Such a group is estimated to be 80 percent or more of the world's golfers. The Zelos 7 is available in 3-iron through wedge..
  2. Golf Shafts; Brands; Nippon; Nippon. View as Grid List. Items 1-9 of 21. Page. You're currently reading page 1; Page 2; Page 3; Page Next; Show. per page. Sort By. Set Ascending Direction. Nippon N.S. PRO Zelos 6 Steel Iron Shafts Taper Tip. As configured: Save; Cancel customization; £33.95. Buy. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Nippon N.S. PRO Modus 3 Wedge Steel Iron Shafts Taper Tip. As.
  3. The shaft profile is rigid in the butt and mid section, but somewhat softer toward the tip section. The firm sections of the Pro Modus 120 keep it stable throughout the swing while the soft gives you a little more trajectory and a decent amount of spin. I found that I get a very unique (for me) ball flight with the Pro Modus that I had to adjust to. At first, I didn't think it seemed like.

Aimed predominantly at golfers with an average 7-iron swing speed of between 75 and 85 mph, the Zelos 8 provides a lightweight steel option for those that struggle to generate club head speed, but still want to benefit from the stability that steel provides I currently use MX200 with KBS stiff shafts (18 months), I just cannot get on with these shafts, full swing or chipping, no feeling whatsoever and my shots are all over the place. This week I got fitted at Wrexham and they recommended a Nippon 950 GH shaft in stiff. Its not a shaft I would have opted for, but the results were good and they did. I'm thinking Nippon Modus 105 because apparently it has similar feel to KBS Tours however slightly lighter. The only issues for me is, does it spin too much? Is the 106g stiff shaft too light for me? Should I soft step the X stiff. Currently I play 110g, not a big difference and my swing speed is about 85-87mph mark The PROTO ST was in the winning bags of eight professionals upon it's launch and has become the second most popular MODUS³ iron shafts on tour, just behind the N.S. PRO MODUS³ Tour 120. • Broadens Nippon Shaft reputation as the light weight shaft expert. • Tour validated with over 25 sets in play across the global tours When Nippon Shaft's N.S. PRO 950GH came to market in 1999, it was the first consistently-made sub-100 gram steel shaft in the world. Light weight steel shafts allow some players to increase their swing speeds and thereby adding distance. All Nippon Shaft products are constant weighted, meaning that every iron in a set, from 3-iron to pitching wedge weighs the same. Tour Professionals.

KBS Tour 90 Shaft. The KBS Tour 90 shaft is the lightest steel shaft in the KBS lineup and designed to give players more spin, a higher trajectory, and greater swing speeds. Though still a firm shaft design, the Tour 90 has softer tip and higher center of gravity to help players get the ball in air with more distance Shafts; Nippon N.S. Pro Modus 3 Tour 120 .355 Tip Iron Shafts; Favorite. Nippon N.S. Pro Modus 3 Tour 120 .355 Tip Iron Shafts By Nippon | SKU: NP0001. Starting at. 37.0000 $37.00 PGA Tour tested and designed to meet the demands of the stronger player. Learn More. Flex. R Flex S Flex X Flex. Overview; Reviews; Overview. The benefits of the high quality and consistent performance of our. I knew that sub 100g shafts fitted my swing speed and tempo as I had played 95g graphite last season. I built NS Pro 850, 950 and 1050 in both regular and stiff. I started with the 950 in stiff as it was the nearest to my current choice of shaft. I was hoping for some tighter dispersion and higher launch. The Nippon NS950Pro stiff delivered both. For me they feel amazing, you know when you hit. Nippon Zelos is the lightest constant-weight steel shaft in golf - light like graphite but plays like steel; Proprietary steel and unique heat treatment makes Zelos both light and durable; Since its inception in 1959, the Nippon Shaft mantra has been Steel For Life. In 1999, Nippon added light to the steel equation with the 950 GH. It. Nippon Shaft has announced the release of the N.S. PRO Zelos 8, an ultra-light steel iron shaft that combines the lightweight properties of graphite with the stability of steel. Designed with a low kick-point and weighing between 84 and 87.5 grams depending on flex, the Zelos 8 utilises a cutting-edge Nippon Shaft developed steel called NZNS60. Aimed predominantly at golfers with an average 7.

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The N.S. PRO 750GH is designed for the better player that has a slower swing speed. The 750GH will promote a mid to high trajectory due to the unique structure that also creates a stable feeling. The grip end is strengthened, compliments of four graphite filaments, would into a Tetra Axial sheet However I have heard of players still using stiff shafts with swing speeds well into 115mph range, there are a lot more variables into it than just shaft stiffness Use our interactive shaft fitting program to find the perfect UST Mamiya golf shaft for you

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  1. Shafts for slower swing speed Follow Thread. July 02, 2016 at 09:23 PM By Michael A. 0 Likes; 5 Replies; Michael A Tucson, AZ. July 02, 2016 at 09:23 PM . I play 912 AP1 clubs with S300 shafts, I am now 69 with a 10 hcp and have been told I should think about changing my shafts because my swing speed is getting slower as I get older. The conversation ended with a suggestion that graphite.
  2. In celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Nippon N.S. Pro 950GH shaft, the first constant weight steel shaft in the less than 100 grams category, best-selling, and most successful lightweight steel irons shaft in tour history, the company has launched the N.S.Pro 950GH Neo. The new addition, however, is not merely here to pay [
  3. Nippon N.S. Pro 1050GH Iron Shaft 4-PW; Nippon N.S. Pro 1050GH Iron Shaft 4-PW . More Views. Nippon N.S. Pro 1050GH Iron Shaft 4-PW. Regular Price: $199.99 . Special Price $109.99 . Be the first to review this product. Availability: In stock. The N.S. PRO 1050GH Steel Shaft has a slightly heavier feel for golfers who like to hit the ball hard. *Flex * Required Fields. Regular Price: $199.99.
  4. Longer shafts generate more swing speed. More swing speed provides higher ball speed. Higher ball speed gives more distance. 2. Longer shafts are not easy to control. 3. Shorter shafts deliver a more consistent and centered shot pattern. Hitting the center will help control those shots and increase in the distance as well. 4. Shorter shafts have higher accuracy. 8. 8. How much is a golf shaft.
  5. Rubber Ltd., True Temper Sports Technologies, Aldila Inc., Nippon Shaft Company, Ltd., and Mitsubishi Rayon Company, Ltd., respectively. 1 ®// Cobra Product Guide 2008 2008 King Cobra® Drivers // 2 FiND ThE DRiVER ThAT mAximizES yOUR DRiVES. SpEED TUNiNG Every player and every game is different. And finding the right driver can make all the difference. Tap into your full potential by getting.

Nippon shafts, especially the N. S. Pro 950GH, have been the go to shaft on the LPGA Tour for several years. But recently, the Modus 3 models have started making significant inroads on the PGA Tour. The Modus3 line is a heavier weight (115 - 130 gram) line designed for faster swing speeds and tempos. The first models, the Modus3 Tour 120, is a mid launch shaft with solid feel and mid. Golf Shafts; Brands; Nippon; Nippon. View as Grid List. Items 1-9 of 21. Page. You're currently reading page 1; Page 2; Page 3; Page Next; Show. per page . Sort By. Set Descending Direction. N.S. Pro 1150GH Tour Steel Irons 0.370 As configured: Save; Cancel customization; €26.85. Buy. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. N.S. Pro 950GH Steel Irons 0.355 As configured: Save; Cancel customizati I've had 3 sets of Nippons. 1150GH Tour, Modus 3 120's now I've got the 105's. I've posted on here before that I changed from 120's to 105's because I got more club head speed and have gained a further 8-10yds more on my irons. Don't listen to the macho 130 grammars XX STIFF iron rod players, it's about getting the right shaft that works for you Shaft flex is a description of how much a shaft will bend under the force of a golf swing with a head attached at the tip end. The speed and frequency of your swing will determine what flex you need. There are generally 5 different flex notations (from most bendable to least bendable): A-flex (Senior), L-flex (Ladies), R-flex (Regular), S-flex (Stiff), and X-flex (X-Stiff). Some manufacturers.

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  1. Nippon N.S. Pro 1050 GH Iron Shafts are part of the nXfit Studio.That means that the N.S. Pro 1050 GH are tour quality steel iron shafts.They are designed for players who swing hard.Additionally, They come in (R, S, and X) Flex Options and (1I - PW)..
  2. Choose a shaft with a Swing Speed Rating of 70 to 80 mph in graphite or steel. If you use a 5-iron from 150 yards, you would want to use a shaft with a Swing Speed Rating of about 60 to 70 mph. Most component companies list the Swing Speed Rating of every shaft in their catalogues. Shaft Flex and Bend Point . Every shaft has a Flex Rating (usually L, R, S, XS) and a bend point (Low, Mid and.
  3. Ultralite 97 gram iron shaft designed for golfers of all skill levels who find traditional steel models too heavy to swing naturally, yet find traditional graphite iron shafts too light to control. Features a constant weight system for uniform feel with each iron in the set. Mid Bend Point yields a mid/high launch profile
  4. Nippon Shaft - N.S.Pro Zelos 6: World's lightest Steel irons shaft now on sale March 20, 2018 - The company that gave golfers the first sub-100-gram constant weight steel shaft today will release for public sale the world's lightest constant weight steel shaft, the N.S.PRO Zelos 6 , which checks in at a mere 68.5 grams
  5. Posted @withregram • @golfwrx @tyrrellhatton # witb Driver: Ping G41... 0 Plus (9 degrees set at 8.4) Shaft: Mitsubishi Diamana RF 60 TX (44.75 inches, tipped 1 inch) 3-wood: TaylorMade SIM Max (15 degrees) Shaft: Mitsubishi Diamana DF 70 TX Fairway wood: Ping G410 (20.5 degrees) Shaft: Mitsubishi Diamana DF 80 TX Irons: Ping i210 (4-PW) (-1/4 inch, 1/8 club strong) Shafts: Nippon Modus3.
  6. The shafts weigh between 84 and 87.5 grams depending on flex (they are available in regular and stiff) and are ideal for golfers with an average 7-iron swing speed of between 75 and 85 mph. Hiro Fudaka, Sales and Marketing for Nippon Shafts explains the benefits this can give golfers
  7. Nippon 750 GH irons. The N. S. PRO 750GH Steel shaft for irons (Ultra-lightweight) The N.S.PRO 750GH features a stronger shaft compliments of the four carbon filament sheets in the grip and that are wound using a special process. A new concept in composites to create a shaft that features lightness, hard-hitting feel and power in the same model. Weighing in at only 75 grams, it's packed with.

• Nippon Shafts most popular iron shaft model • Adds club head speed due to ultralight design • Utilizes NSGS8655V patented alloy for a superb combination of shaft stability and smooth feel • Mid trajectory, mild spin • Available in #3 iron (38.5) to Wedge (35 Nippon Shaft, est basé à Yokohama, Le Japon fabrique des manches de niveau professionnel depuis 1959. En travaillant avec sa société mère NHK Spring, multi-billionnaire en dollars, Nippon Shaft a développé en propre des matériaux pour les manches, des procédés et des traitements qui aboutissent à des manches de hautes performances qui sont supérieurs en termes de sensation. The average clubhead speed is 70.24 mph for the Vizard vs. 66.88 mph for the Nippon. That is a good 3 miles more for the graphite shaft and also what would be expected. Due to the lower weight the club can be accelerated better - with the same swing. This also applies to the ball speed which is 90.59 mph vs. 87.99 mph. This value is even more. The N.S. PRO 1050GH steel shaft provides a slightly harder feel for players who swing faster. N.S. PRO MODUS³ Tour 105. The new N.S. PRO MODUS³ Tour 105: Lighter weight to increase clubhead speed for longer shots. Straighter shots, more consistent performance! Traditional, smooth bending profile, medium ball flight. N.S. PRO MODUS³ Tour 12

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Bradd / New Jersey TM M2 / UST Chrome Elements 65 Stiff Swing Speed average 108 mph/ 10.1 index LH 9.5 (adjusted to 10.5) with Mitsubishi Kuro Kage TiNi Stiff cut to 44.5 Pretty please with blue icing on top. I want something to kick my TMs butt. Sent from my SM-N950U using MyGolfSpy mobile ap Page 1 of 2 - Nippon shafts - how do they play? - posted in Golf Equipment: Any one here playing Nippon shafts? My club hoing has gotten the better of me again and I have purchased some more irons from Japan. My question is specifically on the Nippon NS pro 950 GH WF shafts but any Nippon shaft users can chime in. Do these play soft when compared to rifle, rifle flighted or PX nippon ns pro 750 shaftshas anybody tried the new Nippon ns pro 750 shafts?these are supposed to be as light as a graphite shaft but as straight as a steel shaft?any other information on these shafts would be great Matériel de golf. Vente en ligne. Clubmaker. Clubmaker Mougins. Clubmaker France. Clubmaker Nice. Clubmaker Monaco. Informations. Conseil. Club de golf. Réparations.

In comparison, graphite would range between 60 and 70 grams. The lighter graphite shaft helps the golfer get a good swing, even if his swing speed is low. It also generates a greater force between the iron and the golf ball and gives straighter hits, thus improving the trajectory and accuracy Nippon Golf Shafts N.S. Pro 950GH .370 Inch Parallel, Stiff Flex, 4-PW are an easy way to add some club head speed to your swing. These shafts feature a super lightweight design without sacrificing the stiffness and power of a steel shaft. The strength and weight balance is achieved by using a new NSGS8665V alloy that was created and patented with Nisshin Steel You might want to try the Nippon 950's regular with that swing speed. The Nippon's are great shafts and will help you get the ball in the air. Please sign in to comment; Glenn M. Glenn M. December 21, 2011 at 06:19 PM. Jacob, We must have similar swings, since I got the same shaft recommendations as you from the Mizuno optimizer, Dynalite Gold XP R300, KBS Tour Reg, and Rifle 5.0. As you.

A shaft that's too stiff given the player's swing speed results in drives with less than optimal distance. A shaft that's too flexible can lead to erratic shots. Shafts are generally graded X for extra stiff, S for stiff, R for regular men's, A for seniors and L for ladies. Selecting the proper shaft is based on a golfer's height, swing strength and swing mechanics. A player with a fast. Golf club shafts have been a big focus of golf technology since the 1970s. Different shafts allow players of different skill levels, strengths and swing speeds to produce similar shots with their clubs. Selecting the correct flex on your golf club shaft is important to your on-course performance, affecting things such as how your ball flies, how far it flies and how much spin it has

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW Easy to swing lightweight steel shaft Low-torque Mid kick-point High balance and control Uniform quality control specifications SPECIFICATIONS Flex Weight (g) Torque Tip Dia. But Dia. Length R 87 2.1 .355 .600 39.5-35 S 91 1.9 .355 .600 39.5-35 FULL DESCRIPTION The N. S. PRO 850GH Steel The Nippon N.S. Pro MODUS3 shaft series provides tour proven performance with a lighter weight range for increased club head speed and longer distances. The key to its success is in its 3 sections of custom rigidity. The tip section is stiffer for a stable trajectory. The mid and butt sections feature lower rigidity for improved control, swing tempo, and improved feel. Nippon steel shafts. This is incorrect. You can play a softer shaft and be penalized less than playing a shaft that is too stiff. Although it will take more practice on timing and tempo, a golfer can always go down a flex and not hinder there game as much as going up in flex. For example: My average swing speed is around 118-120 mph and I normally swing Stiff flex. I've always liked the feel of Nippon shafts; they are as silky smooth as a steel shaft can be. It is just so pure at impact. The PRO MODUS3 is just as good feeling as their other shafts without feeling loose or noodle-like. They have a firm waggle but a smooth feel throughout the swing. The PRO MODUS3 shafts are still fairly high launching, but not in the clouds like before. Maybe the. The design of the Nippon N.S. Pro 1150GH Tour Iron Shaft is an exclusive two-weight design, which adds weight and stiffness in both the butt and tip ends of the shaft to a lightweight chassis. This construction adds speed due to the lightweight mid section, and the stability due to the reinforced tip and butt sections. Its perfect for golfers who want the feel of a shaft that swings fast, but.

History of the Golf Shaft PGA Tour Swing Data Club Length, Lie Angle & Loft Grip Size & Grip Fitting Shaft Fitting Guide Hard Stepping & Soft Stepping Shaft Spining DIY Shaft Installation OEM Shaft Replacement Guide Contact us ACCRA Aerotech Aldila Apollo Fujikura Grafalloy Graphite Design KBS MATRIX Mitsubishi Rayon Miyazaki Nippon NVENTiX OBAN Project X SK Fiber True Temper UST Mamiya N.S. Ideal for players that would like to use steel shaft, but do not have enough power or swing speed; Ideal for golfers not satisfied with the feel and ball flight of graphite shafts ; Proprietary NZN base material to produce the lightness of graphite shafts with the control of steel shafts; SPECIFICATIONS. Flex: Weight (g) Torque: Tip Dia. But Dia. Length: R: 84: 2.5.355 / .370.580 38.5-35 S. Nippon's Regio Formula shafts are some of the smoothest you will ever swing and create a bunch of ball speed. golf golfwrx tg2 tg2wrx tour clubs club podcast golfclubs equipment irons drivers wedges putters tinker tinkering clubwork shafts graphite golfer golfr golfislife clubreview golfreview golfequipmentreview Your Swing DNA shaft selection is based on science. After hitting the recommended options your fitter will be able to show you real world distances and dispersion. You may decide to promote a lower ranked shaft based on feel and sound. You may even prefer a non optimal flight that suits your eye. You make the final decision. TXG Shaft Optimizer 3D In-depth Analysis Love this video! Was. • Players that would like to use steel shaft, but do not have enough power (swing speed). • Current graphite shaft players. • Golfers not satisfied with graphite shafts. Brand. Nippon. THE DREAM BEGINS AND THE DEFINITION OF EXCELLENCE EVOLVES! In early 1959, the proven strength and durable flexibility of NHK Spring Co. LTD.'s marketing-leading automotive value-spring alloy served as.

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Steel shafts do require a faster swing speed to generate the same distance as a graphite shaft. Steel shafts are recommended for players with normal swing speeds who could use a little extra control in their game. There are two main types of steel shaft: Stepped Steel Shafts. Stepped steel shafts are used to gradually reduce the diameter of the shaft from the wider butt end to the narrower tip. Shaft weight is one of the key important factors when fitting irons because it is supposed to help you maintain your consistency, speed, distance, and accuracy. The lines between steel and graphite shaft weights are not really defining nowadays, especially when it comes to 95 to 110-gram weight. This class of weight is the point when many golfers frequently move from steel to graphite

The Nippon NS Pro Zelos is ideal for the player that has a slower swing speed that would still like to use a steel shaft but is currently using a graphite iron shaft. You can buy the Nippon NS Pro Zelos built to your required specifications The lighter weight increases swing speed while providing the stiffness found in heavier, firmer shafts. H.I.T. TECHNOLOGY H.I.T. stands for High Inertia Tip. This technology stores more energy during your downswing then releases that energy right before impact, which means the tip end of the shaft accelerates faster to the ball. This provides. Project X LZ (New Pull) 120 6.0 .355 Steel Iron Shafts 4-PW Reg $472.50 Sale $369.95 Loading zone is specifically positioned by flex to maximize ball speed and spin properties. Nippon Modus 3 .355 (Demos) Reg $54.95 Sale $44.0 The top of the shaft has a black weave on it which helped keep the upper part of the shaft stable in the swing. And to Nippon, aesthetics seem to be fairly important. In the past few years, we've seen them use a different type of steel, called Spring steel. This different material is the back bone of the popular Modus3 Tour 120 and 130 offerings. Shaft Review So finally, to the Zelos7. This. Les meilleures offres pour Nouveau individuels de rechange Nippon N.S. Pro Modus 3 Tour fer Shafts .355 & .370 Astuce sont sur eBay Comparez les prix et les spécificités des produits neufs et d'occasion Pleins d'articles en livraison gratuite

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WT8000 Graphite Driver Shafts are part of the Nippon NXFIT tour spec series. The N S Pro WT8000 driver shaft can be cut down to make fairway wood shafts. Like other WT models the 8000 is a light weight premium graphite shaft upgrade. They support oversized heads and fit most player profiles with R, S and X flex options. NOTE: Getting your shafts trimmed to Fairway Woods Will Delay Shipping. The swing weight remained the same at D3 with a straight standard install. As you can see I had the prototype version, prior to the final release of the PRO MODUS3 Tour 130 graphics. Tour 130 version received 10 grams of weight and a couple other tweaks to make them better. Nippon changed up the shaft profile so that the tip is a little softer and the butt end is a little firmer. The design is. Nippon Golf Shafts N.S. Pro 950GH .370 Inch Parallel, Stiff Flex, 9 Iron is an easy way to add some club head speed to your swing. This shaft features a super lightweight design without sacrificing the stiffness and power of a steel shaft. The strength and weight balance is achieved by using a new NSGS8665V alloy that was created and patented with Nisshin Steel Pour le nouveau Zelos 8, Nippon shaft avance que la cible de golfeurs visée est celle des swings compris entre 75 et 85 mph, soit déjà des swings plutôt rapides. Si vous êtes senior avec un swing compris entre 60 et 70 mph, le choix du Zelos 8 ne va pas être indispensable

WHAT IT MEANS TO YOU. 1. Lighter shaft weight doesn't equal faster speeds. The average swing speed, ball speed and distance numbers are pretty similar, regardless of weight (or flex) NEW Nippon Shaft NS PRO Super Peening ORANGE, R Flex, Iron Shaft, Choose Set. $159.00 + $6.00 shipping . NEW Nippon Shaft NS PRO 1150GH Shafts, S Flex, .370 Parallel, Set of 6, For 5-PW. $147.00 + $6.00 shipping . Picture Information. Opens image gallery. Image not available. Mouse over to Zoom -Click to enlarge.

YOur driver swing speed is middle of the 'stiff' chart. Get up to 105 + and some shaft makers recommend X flex. If you go R, you might gain a bit of distance but any oomph in your swing will make it wild. I prefer shorter distance and less wild myself. :-) I swing the driver at 112-114, and I use S shafts in everything but my really long woods. The lightest SteelFiber iron golf shaft is a great option for slower swing speed players who are looking to raise ball flight and gain distance. The i70 is offered in a wide range of flexes and can hold up to the most demanding swings. For players looking to maximize their swing speed or wanting to play the golf club substantially over length while maintaining a reasonable swing weight, the. The 2020 Performance Shaft Guide is now available. Take a minute to check out all the new featured shafts including Diamana™ D-Limited, TENSEI™ AV RAW, and MMT™ Iron Shafts. Tour Success. Current #WinCount: 473. We know that one measurement counts more than any other: Win Count. That's what Mitsubishi Chemical shafts do better than any other shaft: help players win. Featured Golf. True Temper GS95 Taper Shaft Meet the GS95, a lightweight steel shaft from True Temper that is easy to swing and gives a great in.graphite-like in. feel. Designed to perform for players of all ability, the GS95 Shaft delivers the stability and consistency of steel, yet provides a unique feel that sets it apart from other shafts on the market. Featuring innovative Speed Step design, the GS95.

The Truth About Golf Shafts That Every Golfer Should Kno

Nippon Golf Shafts

Nippon's 750 and True Temper's GS75 are 75-gram shafts that exhibit enough strength for all but the fastest of swings. The Nippon 750 has four carbon filament sheets in the grip area that are wound on top of the shaft to enhance strength and durability. These sheets also help dampen vibration. For most golfers, Nippon says carry distance will increase with this shaft

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